Create Your Own Ouro Preto Holiday Package

For us at Alior Turismo, our greatest pleasure is to perform and provide excellent services for our customers during their Ouro Preto holiday.

We understand that each visitor to Ouro Preto is unique, and everyone has different motives and expectations for their Brazil holiday in Ouro Preto. Due to the range of different travellers who step through our doors, we have developed the skills and experience necessary to assemble a range of Ouro Preto holiday options, from which you can pick and choose in order to create a special Ouro Preto holiday. Additionally, we have ready-made Ouro Preto holiday packages on offer that are special, unique and unforgettable.

To serve you with great comfort and satisfaction, we offer a wide variety of tourism products within the city of Ouro Preto and also in the region. We can develop packages with you that get down to the barebone details of your wishes for the perfect vacation in Brazil.

Here is an overview of just some of the services we offer:

To get to Ouro Preto:

We want to ensure that your trip to Ouro Preto starts off on the right foot. We make plans to pick you up from the airport (or from Pampulha or Confins). Our Ouro Preto transfer sevices are safe, comfortabe and convenient.

To stay in Ouro Preto: 

We offer Ouro Preto accommodation options of several varieties, from luxury hotels to super, animated and economical hostels, where people from around the world can socialise.

To sightsee in Ouro Preto:

We have a number of Ouro Preto tours and activities on offer, each with different foci and different levels of activity and difficulty. Maintaining the standard of quality for each Ouro Preto tour is our top priority. Whether you choose a cultural and historically-focused tour like our Marianna tour, or an outdoor adventure tour like our Caves Route, we will remain committed to your satisfaction.

How to build your own package:

Assembling your package is quite simple. Start by choosing your perfect Ouro Preto hotel. Select your desired room choice and other amenities. All of our online bookings are simple and hassle-free.

Next, fill in your vacation time in Ouro Preto with tours. Start by clicking the 'Add Tours and Book' link. This option will enable you to add tours to your shopping cart (the transfer is also listed as a tour). After completing your purchase, we will contact you with more information.

If you would like to go a step further, we have a number of already-developed Ouro Preto packages, specially designed by our team. Choose the option that suits you best, and let us help by suggesting personalised customizations.

By booking with us, your Ouro Preto holiday is sure to be memorable.