Unique Experiences and Activities in Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto is a city that enchants visitors from the moment its stately houses emerge before their eyes. Its unforgettable sights, a mixutre of well-preserved Baroque architecture dating from colonial Brazil and dramatic mountain scenery, provide the foundation for an exciting living and breathing city. Reaching beyond the traditional Brazil attractions and tours, we offer a range of amazing Ouro Preto tours and activities to help you experience and engage with the city and its surroundings.

Visiting Ouro Preto and getting to know its most secret charms is an experience to remember for a lifetime. But we want to take you a step further, to help you engage with the customs and traditions of Ouro Preto through local connections. We believe that the activites and tours of Ouro Preto that we offer have the upperhand with a few nuanced differences - we are local, and we want you to experience locally. Come and see the Ouro Preto that is little known to most other visitors, and make your Brazil holiday worth every second.

Here are some of our top recommended Ouro Preto activities:

Learn about the traditional regional food of Ouro Preto in our Quintandas Workshop. You'll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty in local ingredients, taking part in local cooking traditions that form such an integral component of Brazilian cuisine.

The discovery of soapstone in Brazil forms the foundation of the explosion of Baroque architecture that characterizes the architecture of colonial Brazil. Come visit an Ouro Preto soapstone factory in a nearby Ouro Preto district, where you'll be able to witness all the stages of soapstone manufacturing and have a try at it yourself.

Come visit the Caraca Park and wildlife sanctuary. Located along the well-known Royal Road in Brazil, the park has a wealth of cultural and natural monuments to give you a better insight and understanding of Ouro Preto and its history.