Discover Lavras Novas

Nice view from Lavras Novas, Minas Gerais

Winsome and peaceful, the village of Lavras Novas in the Minas Gerais State constantly surprises visitors, who can enjoy an authentic, local Mineira atmosphere. The village is home of many Minas Gerais legends, including one that claims the place used to be a Quilombo (a camp for freed and runaways slaves during the colonial period), an issue that generates controversy. Although there is no documentation to prove it in the archives of Ouro Preto, the issue is fueled by some people who cling to the belief that Lavras Novas is inhabited by the slaves’ descendants.

Cozy Minas Gerais accommodation, Brazilian restaurants and bars with live music are diffused by the colourful alleys and lanes. There is great charm and high spirits in this village which preserves the style of colonial Brazil. Lavras Novas is haven of pure enchantment! 

Currently the bucolic village is putting its Brazil tourism potential into practice. In addition to a deep historical heritage, the region’s potential is vast, with natural waterfalls, hiking trails and places for rappelling and horseback riding. During the day we suggest riding, cycling or walking the various tracks running through the region. Waterfalls appear along the way to tempt refreshing swims. Tourists’ favourites are the Cachoeira dos Três Pingos (Three Drops waterfall) with a rock wall, the Cachoeira dos Namorados (Valentine's waterfall) and Castelinho andFalcão, all with delightful, natural pools. 

In the evening the recommendation is to watch a spectacular sunset over a panoramic view of Serra do Trovão (Thunder Mountains). The access trail is easy, completed in about half an hour. On a clear day it’s possible to see the fine range of mountains formed by Caparaó, Chapada, Caraça, Ouro Branco and Itacolomi. Then there’s a visit to the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres (Our Lady of pleasures). Constructed at the beginning of the 18th century, it dominates the landscape. 

To restore your energy, it's worth sampling the cuisine of Minas Gerais on offer in Lavras Novas. With homemade seasoning dominating Brazilian dishes such as pastel de angú, pork rind, beans drover with tenderloin, chicken with okra, hidden pumpkin beef, pot roast and others, you’ll be sure to develop a taste for local Brazilian food. An active night in Lavras Novas bars will contrast your quiet day spent with nature.

Knowing the typical craft activity in Lavras Novas is mandatory - bamboo. The tradition of making bamboo products in Brazil is central to the region. Bamboo turns into baskets, mats and decorative objects, and it is common to bump into these weaving artisans on the streets. On the main street, there are workshops of local artists who offer lamps coconut leaf blade, twisted vines, hardwood carvings and sculptures of angels and saints, among others. There are also many Ouro Preto shops selling local bamboo products.

Lavras Novas is a top Brazil holiday destination, with mountainous terrain that comforts and delights visitors with the simplicity and ruggedness of the landscape. Let good memories awaken a longing and a desire for another visit to Lavras Novas.

We are currently offering two options for accommodation in Lavras Novas and both are great options for a perfect weekend under the mountains. You can check Pousada D’brou and Pousada Vila Mineira to make your choice. If you are visiting Ouro Pretoand don’t have the time to spend the whole weekend then you should try a day tour to Lavras Novas.