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At Pousada Toledo you will have direct contact with Ouro Preto's history through old paintings, furniture and objects that date back to 18th century. The pousada has got two original beds, one known as Manoelina and the other D. Maria I, and miniatures of old furniture, which were used as display pieces. At Pousada Toledo you will feel transported back in time yet enjoy all the modern comforts, all this right in Ouro Preto's historical centre, close to Tiradentes Square.

Close to shops, restaurants and tourist attractions, only 300 metres from Tiradentes Square, Pousada Toledo is located in Ouro Preto's historical centre.


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Hotel Address: Rua Conselheiro Quintiliano, 277, Ouro Preto

Getting there (local language)

A partir da Praça Tiradentes e de frente à escola de minas, vire à direita na Rua Barão de Camargos. Vá direto até o final da rua e depois ela se transforma na Rua Conselheiro Quintiliano. Pousada Toledo está localizada no número 277.

Getting there

From Tiradentes Square and facing Inconfidência Museum, turn left at Barão de Camargos Street. Go straight until the end of this street and then get on to Conselheiro Quintiliano Street. Pousada Toledo is located at number 277.