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Grande Hotel de Ouro Preto is located right at the centre of town. Restaurants, nightlife, shops, services and transport are located close by. It is within walking distances from most attractions, and that makes the hotel a great option for those of you who want to explore all Ouro Preto has to offer.

Further, the Grande Hotel de Ouro Preto is an attraction by itself. Built in 1940 by the most celebrated architect of Brazil, Oscar Niemeyer, the hotel is a landmark, representing the modern and antique dialogue. Ever since its inception, Grande Hotel was the subject of massive debates. While some would rather have had the hotel with an ancient facade, others (including Niemeyer and Lucio Costa) were committed to creating a modern and auspicious project. Even though the project has a modern facet, its architecture keeps some of the similarity with the traditional constructions surrounding the building, making it a valuable contribution to the history of Ouro Preto.

An additional highlight is the JK presidential suite, named after Juscelino Kubitscheck, former President of Brazil during the years of 1956 and 1961. Keeping its original furniture, it has hosted all past presidents of Brazil.

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