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Pousada do Pilar is a very charming place, where you can enjoy the hospitality of the people of Minas Gerais. A family-run business, it has good professionals who provide everything they can for an enjoyable stay, and assist you with all the information you need to explore Ouro Preto.

It has a beautiful, colonial-style façade with huge windows and small iron lamps. Also, it has nice gathering areas, where you can share experiences with other guests or relax.

Pousada do Pilar is located in the historical centre of Ouro Preto, very close to some of the most well-known Baroque attractions such as the churches of Nossa Senhora do Rosário and Nossa Senhora do Pilar. It is just a few blocks away from the convention Centre of UFOP (the most famous university in Ouro Preto) and there is also a gas station nearby.


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Hotel Address: R. Benedito Valadares, 219, Ouro Preto

Getting there (local language)

A partir da Praça Tiradentes, desça a Rua Conde de Bobadela (conhecida como rua direita) e vire a direita na Rua São José. Vá direto até a Rua Getúlio Vargas. Vire à esquerda na Rua José da Costa Carvalho. E finalmente você estará na Rua Benedito Valadares, onde está localizada a Pousada do Pilar.

Getting there

From Tiradentes Square, walk down Conde do Bobadela Street, and turn right at São Jose Street. When you arrive at the São Jose Street, turn right at Getulio Vargas Street. After that, turn left at Jose da Costa Carvalho Street. Finally, you will be at Benedito Valadares Street, where Pousada do Pilar is located.