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Pousada do Ouvidor, inaugurated in the year 2009, is situated in a privileged area of Ouro Preto, the historical centre. Here, you can find lots of tourist attractions such as Baroque buildings and museums.

All staff members are concerned about the historical importance of Ouro Preto. Every little aspect of the Pousada do Ouvidor pays tribute to this wonderful town, which was declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

For example, the Pousada's name pays homage to Tomás Antônio Gonzaga, a famous Arcadian poet from the Minas Gerais State. The architecture refers to the past and has old stone walls and beautiful iron lamps in the façade. At the same time, the guest can find extremely new facilities and equipment inside the Pousada.

Its style, a fusion of elements from the past and present, combined with its comfort and good quality services, are great reasons for you to stay at the Pousada do Ouvidor. And everything at an affordable price!

Renata is a talkative and friendly person. She was born in Ouro Preto and graduated in journalism. She is also a specialist in corporate communication. Nevertheless, her passion for hotel management is from earlier times.

As a lover of travelling, she has always appreciated the contact between different cultures and people. In 2009, she and her partners decided to open a business to provide good hotel services in town.

For her, the Pousada do Ouvidor is an interesting place in Ouro Preto mainly because of its great location, good attendance, and cost benefits. And she always provides information to her guests about Ouro Preto's main attractions.