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Estalagem das Minas Gerais is surrounded by the rainforest and is located right next to a protected state park: Estação Ecológica do Tripuí. The hotel is 7 km from historical Ouro Preto town, in a calm and quiet area.

Estalagem das Minas Gerais offers you a variety of accommodations from apartments to bungalows and from standard to presidential suites. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon, there is a special nuptial suite.

Outdoors you can relax by the pool and sauna or take one of the hiking trails in the hotel area. If you are looking for some history you can go down to Tripuí stream where the first of Ouro Preto's gold was found.

Estalagem das Minas Gerais is located 7km from Ouro Preto's historical centre. It is accessed by the road, which connects Ouro Preto to Belo Horizonte. The hotel is next to Estação Ecológica do Tripuí, a rainforest protected by the state government.


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Hotel Address: Rodovia dos Inconfidentes km 88, Ouro Preto

Getting there (local language)

Vindo de Belo Horizonte na Rodovia dos Inconfidentes vire a direita no km 88. Ou vindo de Ouro Preto, vire a esquerda 7 km a partir do centro. Bem ao lado da estrada há um portal onde está escrito Estalagem das Minas Gerais.

Getting there

Coming from Belo Horizonte, you turn right at the km 88 of Inconfidentes Road. From Ouro Preto you take the Inconfidentes Road and turn left 7 km further. Right on the side of the road there is a gateway with Estalagem das Minas Gerais displayed on the signboard.