Semana Santa

Place: Ouro Preto  (17 Apr 2021 - 24 Apr 2021 )

Semana Santa Ouro PretoSemana Santa in Ouro Preto is considered one of the most traditional of Brazil and dates back to the eight century. Besides the favorable scenario, which recalls Christ's passion, many religious acts, places reference points for the celebrations. Many of them remain in activity since the eighteenth century and involve both secular parishes of the city, alternately.

The celebrations are ceremonies that attest to the particularity of religious culture in Ouro Preto. Events include: concerts involving a repertoire of sacred music composed in the rich colonial town during the Gold Cycle; staged liturgical shows always on the stairs of churches; Sacred Way with tableaus; production of films and pamphlets with the history and description of the ceremonies and rituals; local art exhibitions in various halls and galleries of the city, making handmade rugs and decorative arts; a pathway of about 22km made ​​from sawdust, coffee grounds, scrapes of leather, white lime, etc..

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