Carnaval in Ouro Preto

Place: Ouro Preto, Brazil  (17 Feb 2021 - 21 Feb 2021 )

Carnaval em Ouro PretoAs one of the most visited attractions by tourists from different regions, the Carnaval de Ouro Preto is one of the best and liveliest of the country. The parades, concerts, and parties have attracted more and more participants to the historic city over the years. Guests will find plenty of fun and beautiful people.

The Carnival in the city began with small blocos - thematic groups- but over time their reputation has expanded and gained more fans.

Today, the celebration is traditional and offers sufficient structure to meet this great demand of tourists. It is worthwhile to come and check out this event and enter the festive atmosphere of the Ouro Preto Carnival.

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