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Ouro Preto, an important economic center, was born with the discovery of gold that was found in the region covered by a thin layer of iron oxide, which made the darkest metal. Because of the wealth, the Portuguese and the Bandeirantes Paulistas who have settled there around 1698, along with the slaves staged a landmark of mining history. The abundance of gold metal was present in the city from the early eighteenth century, a time of great pomp and religious social constructions. However, around 1760 came the decline of gold production, the difficulties of extracting the ore led the Portuguese to create new taxes, such as sheds, compulsory fee on late payments of the fifth gold. The disagreement uniting the elite of Vila Rica (Ouro Preto was called that way until the year 1823), culminating in the Conjuration Mineira, a movement fueled by Enlightenment ideas and the influence of French revolutions and the U.S., generating conflicts between the various conspiracy residents Ouro Preto and the Portuguese court for the area of mines. Among the most popular conspiracy is Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, Tiradentes, sentenced to death at the behest of his enemies in Minas Conspiracy. The statue of Tiradentes in Tiradentes Square honors the attempted revolution failed in Minas Gerais, and has been the scene of one of the most remarkable episodes in Brazilian history, the Minas Conspiracy, Ouro Preto has other attractions, the group of 27 churches and chapels, richly adorned involves attendance at Catholic services in an atmosphere of pure art. We highlight the Churches of São Francisco de Assis. The building, the Tribune's main altar and side altars, and sculptures of the doorway, pulpits and chancel, are the work of master Aleijadinho and painting the ceiling of the church was made of three-dimensional shape by Manuel da Costa Athayde and Pillar Church the expression of the Baroque of Minas Gerais, the interior is covered with gold, gets about 434 kg of metal between his carvings and chapel. These historical facts interpreted through visitation and contemplation of old mansions of Ouro Preto scattered full of winding streets and steep hills are the setting that exceeded the time now calls us to know and imagine part of his past.

  • Group size: from 1 to 4 people
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    Departure from the hotel or other meeting place at 08:00 in Ouro Preto / Belo Horizonte at 08:00


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    Arrival at the hotel or at another point in Ouro Preto at 16:00 / Belo Horizonte at 18:00

  • Pickup time: (8.00 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (6.00 PM)


08:00 - Departure from the hotel or other meeting point agreed with the agency, supervised by one of our guides. The first visit is the Old Mine, one of the oldest mines of Ouro Preto (1704). Probably belonged to Felipe dos Santos. The mine has miles of tunnels, largely banned. In the galleries open to visitors as they had found the early stages of exploration of gold in that mine.

09:00 - Visit to the Museum of Aleijadinho that has a rich religious art, among them a statue of St. Francis of Assisi in soapstone painted. Annex to the museum is the Church of Our Lady of Conception built between 1727 to 1746 by Manuel Francisco Lisboa, the father of Aleijadinho.

10:00 - Saint Francis of Assisi, design and decorating and painting done by Aleijadinho Athaíde, one of the most magnificent examples of Mineiro baroque. Beside the traditional checked Crafts Fair in soapstone. We Casa Antonio de Gonzaga and learn a little history of this poet conspirator.

11:00 - Free time for lunch.

13:00 - Historical interpretation of Tiradentes Square and visit the Conspiracy Museum, Old Jail House and Home, brings together valuable collection of manuscripts and objects relating to the Conspiracy, works attributed to Aleijadinho, Xavier de Brito, Mestre Athayde, plus clothing, furniture and various objects from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


14:30 - Visit to the Museum House of Tales, built in 1782 with the purpose of serving as a residence for the tax administrator of the captaincy of Minas Gerais, João Rodrigues de Macedo. Later he served alongside the house and the Board of the Royal Farm Stewardship Gold, receiving the name of this House of Stories, this is one of the few houses gold-Pretani that there is still a slave.

15:30 - Visit the Church of Pilar, considered one of the finest Baroque, has a magnificent carved wood covered with gold and more than four carved angels. After visiting the Church of Pilar, will go to Our Lady of the Rosary, a rare example of Mineiro baroque facade with a circular, in contrast to his external appearance, its interior is very simple, with evoking black saints.

16:00 - Return to the hotel or elsewhere in the city of Ouro Preto. End of our services.

18:00 - Return to the hotel or elsewhere in the city of Belo Horizonte.

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- Use comfortable shoes and slip, as the stones of the streets are slippery and steep hills are

- In the winter time the use of clothing to combat the cold weather of the cities and in times of heat, we recommend the use of sunscreen.

- It should be remembered that in Ouro Preto and its neighboring towns, given the differences in altitude, frequently reach very low temperatures throughout the year

- The itinerary may change according to weather conditions and / or for reasons beyond our will.

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