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The tour includes:
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• Lunch

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• Other expenses not mentioned

On this tour visitors will see the cane used in the production of the drink that is harvested by hand and is not burned, a practice that precipitates deterioration.

GRIND: The mills separate the juice from the bagasse, which is used to heat the furnaces of the still. The cane juice is decanted and filtered to then be prepared with the addition of nutrients and taken to the fermentation vats.

FERMENTATION: Production does not allow the use of chemical additives. Drinking water, corn meal and rice bran are the ingredients that are mixed with sugarcane juice to turn it into alcohol through the action of yeast (natural fermenting agents in the air).

DISTILLATION: Cane wine produced by the yeast during fermentation is rich in components harmful to health, such as aldehydes, acids, oil cake and bacteria, but has a low alcohol concentration. With the concentration is fixed by law from 38 to 54 GL, you need to distill the mixture to raise the alcohol content

AGING: The process that enhances the quality of taste and aroma of the beverage, aging is the final stage of preparation of cachaça. The storage is made, preferably in wooden barrels, where chemical reactions still occur.

  • Group size: from 1 to 4 people
  • Pickup location: 

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  • Pickup time: (8.00 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (1.00 PM)


8:00 - Departure from the hotel or other meeting point agreed with the Agency, supervised by one of our guides, bound for the Alembic Drop Mines
8:40 Arrival at Farm Drop Mines, where the tour begins. The visitor will learn the entire process of production of rum.
12:00 - Free time for lunch.
13:00 - Return to hotel or other point in Ouro Preto.

Cancellation Policy

- Cancellations made 15 days before the transfer date: 100% refund.

- Cancellations made from 14 days before the transfer date: No refund

Participant Guidelines

We recommend:

- The use of comfortable shoes, as the stones of the streets are slippery and the hills are steep;
- In the wintertime use of clothing to combat the cold weather of the cities and in times of heat, we recommend the use of sunscreen.
- Recall that in Ouro Preto and its neighboring towns experience differences in altitude, and low temperatures are possible throughout the year;
- The itinerary can be changed according to weather conditions and / or for reasons beyond our control.